International day



Raffles International day: students from 92 different countries

With almost half of Dubai being populated by expats. It’s only fitting that the schools here celebrate their diversity. Thus I present to you, International day. It’s one of the or maybe THE most looked forward to event on the school calendar. And why shouldn’t it be? There’s music, there’s dancing, you get to learn different cultures, you get to see each country’s landmarks and natural resources, you get to hear different languages being spoken to all around you, and of course there are a lot of food for you to sample!

Each country is assigned a stall which is usually represented and designed by a parent/s who shares and talks about all sorts of interesting facts to the kids about their heritage.

In both of my children’s schools it became like a food stall festival, with every country offering us famous foods they are known for which I thoroughly enjoyed!

It was like my boys and I travelled the world in 3 hours and we are definitely better for it. Living with so many different nationalities opens your minds to different cultures and it makes you more accepting of each of our differences.


JINS: “Everyone Belongs” I love this mural (?) they have on the school lobby

If there’s anything I could hope for my boys to understand after all this is that people are different, but no matter who we are and where we come from, no one ever has the right to belittle one another, whether through words, actions or in their thoughts.  And once they’ve had that maybe they can teach it to me too.


Aden and I circa 2013@ JINS for Adrian’s International day

Aden and I 2016 @ JINS for his International day


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