About us

Hi and welcome to the ride of my life! I’m a wife, a mom,  a homemaker and most recently chauffeur to my 3 year old pre schooler. Honestly I’d rather blog than do household work but I do love driving. I like writing about our life in a foreign country and share lessons on experiences I have with my family.

We are a Filipino family based in Dubai trying to raise our kids in a different country. This has opened our eyes to different cultures and has helped us understand and respect them, a trait I would love for my boys to have as they grow up.

Of all the things I do as a mom, driving the school run and spending time with my kids are the ones I enjoy the most.

On costume day in school my son Adrian, was dressed up as Spider-man. I posted this picture and captioned it “Driving Spider-man”.When I was thinking of a title for this blog, I was looking for something original, funny and easy to remember. Hence, Driving Spider-Man the blog was born.

If you were redirected to this blog because you searched for the Marvel character, I’m sorry to disappoint. I don’t think I would be writing anything about him anytime soon!
Nevertheless, I Hope you join us and enjoy the ride!

Driving Spider-Man


Our family at my son’s 1st birthday.


3 Comments on “About us”

  1. Mrs C says:

    Hi! Always great to bump into another Dubai blogger! I love the title of the blog.. too CUTE! As cute as your little ones 🙂

    • Awww thanks! U r too sweet! Ur blog is my go to when I need a trendy fashion fix! Thanks for dropping by! Have a fabulous (?) Dubai summer!!!

      • anne cacdac says:

        hi po. 🙂 would like to ask po sana where exactly in divi were the gumball machines bought? 🙂 will appreciate it big time. thank you!

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