I came, I sold, I drank coffee…


This morning, I had the opportunity to show off and sell my crochet love products to a group of Venezuelan women. Insane right?! 😱 Never in my wildest dreams but I’m glad the opportunity came my way.

Apparently it’s all the rave now with SAHM (aka Jumeira Janes) in Dubai. How it works is…

A group of friends coordinates a bazaar at one of their houses and invites sellers (like me) to show off their products for a fee. I found out after, that the fees that we sellers paid for were the funds used to buy the breakfast spread. Friends, neighbors and even my own friends (aka the Filipino mafia) were cordially invited to come and have a look at the handmade lovelies and have coffee with the group.

It was a nice quiet morning with good coffee, good company and great handmade products 😜. The way I look at it, it’s a win-win situation, I got to sell, they got to have a social morning, have a nice breakfast spread for no expense (to them) and met new friends! All while our little ones were in school. Beats my usual morning of ironing and laundry any day! 

I’ve been slowly coming out of my shell when it comes to selling and showing off my products on a face to face level. I’m comfortable with Facebook  and Instagram selling because it has that “take it or leave it” attitude. And mostly just good friends  order from me. With bazaars I feel vulnerable because people (strangers) get to touch my products, try them on and have them judge me or tell me if they like it or not. Who wants that right? 

Thankfully today was a good day, the organizer even said that my table was her favorite of the bunch which for me was  already worth all the effort I did on coming to her house.

As a result of me stepping out of my comfort zone, I have opened myself to a bigger network of friends and a couple of possible invites to another coffee morning bazaar. 

Hopefully it will soon open my bank account to a bigger balance 😉.

Until the next conquest! 

Xoxo 😘



My Dental Clinic



We always get a bad rap on cartoons or on TV or in real life. Kids and adults alike are often afraid of us even before they meet us (Yes! I’m a Dentist by profession but a mother by trade – if that makes any sense). I think one of the things that makes us unlikable is the very “intimate” invasion of personal space by a complete stranger on the first meeting (talk about first impressions, am I right?). Poking in your mouth like its nobody’s business and if you’re lucky you get to meet Mr. Drill (every Dentist’s best friend and partner in crime).

So with my own kids I made a conscious decision to ease them into the whole dental experience as smoothly as I can. As a dentist myself, it’s my personal nightmare to have children who are afraid of the dentist and especially ones with bad teeth, I mean, can you just imagine? I didn’t want to have “that kid” who wouldn’t sit on a dental chair because they were so scared (when in reality their own mother is a dentist – ok none practicing, but still!)

When my eldest was younger, I used to bring him to my friend in Manila and I’d let him sit on the chair and have my friend check him. Since we go home every year, it kinda substituted for his yearly check up. (I’ll give you details of her clinic once I get in touch with her)


Dr. Eva with my 3-year-old

My youngest was a different story, he’s only 3 which means he hasn’t seen my friend in Manila (only because last year instead of meeting her at her clinic, we went out for a buffet lunch-priorities, right?!). But as I was brushing his teeth, I found early signs of cavities on his upper molar teeth which is actually not a surprise since he eats gummy bears like there was no tomorrow. There really is no one to blame but me, I have no excuses.


My 6-year-old having his teeth checked with my 3-year-old watching from the front row.

Not willing to wait until we go home for the summer, we went and saw, Dr. Eva Gorton, she’s a partner at My Dental Clinic along Al Thanya road. I knew about her because I’m very good friends with her assistant Malene. All these years that I’ve known her I have never heard her complain about her boss or her job or her working environment which tells me that the clinic and the people running it are doing something right. And having been an assistant myself, it means a lot to be taken cared of and valued by your employer, on that basis alone, I knew my boys would be in good hands.

She doesn’t actually specialize on children but they are welcome to see her. Most of her patients are children of the adult kind (if you know what I mean!). To be perfectly honest it’s exactly  what I want for my boys, I want someone who will give it to them straight, no sugar-coating. These boys are smart, if you give them an inch they’ll take a mile and this is something I am passionate about, so I’m not taking any chances. Going to the Dentist is something they would have to do for the rest of their lives so might as well get used to it, NOW.

I’m happy to report that all the procedure went well. We did have to come back a couple of times for some sealants and we even managed a visit to see Sara, their hygienist. My boy was the bravest, on our second last visit, he even got an injection to help them clean the tooth deeper (too technical? I know, I’ll stop). Point is he was braver than most of the adults I’ve seen and no one could be prouder than mommy, DMD!

Kuya say “ahhhhhhhhh!”

weekend with Bu

I had a very eventful weekend and I’m very excited to share it to anyone who will give me the time 😜. Well before you get too excited I must tell you it’s a very “domestic” type of adventure. Being a mother of two that’s about all the type of adventure you can expect from me (not complaining 😉).

We were invited at our friend’s house in Ajman for the weekend for some get together and to go second hand store shopping at Bu Faisal. I wrote about Bu Faisal before – click on link if you need to be reminded haha. Ramadan tends to be a good time to go to second hand shops because it’s this time of the year that some of our wealthy muslim brothers change most or all of their furniture which means second hand stores like Bu Faisal gets all the goods they sell, throw or give away. Which makes Bu Faisal the destination for thrifty bargain hunters like me us.

The store opens at 5PM and closes at 11PM so our host thought it was best if we all slept over to maximise our shopping expedition. Of course the boys were not informed that they were going to be daddy nannies the whole night which led to a very vocal protest as soon as we got home but it fell on deaf ears for we were all on a shopping high.

Prior to the event, I thought our house was good the way it is now so I was under the impression that I was just joining them to look around and not buy anything, with that being said, our car (with a very large boot mind you) was full of stuff I got from Bu Faisal on the way home to Dubai from Ajman. I told you I didn’t need anything! haha


Busy weekend,Fixing the boys’ room with my new drill and mixing my Bu finds with my old furniture. I think the TV is almost vintage! haha

Without further adieu I share with you my precious cheap finds.

  1. Shelves organiser from ikea at only 10aed each (I got 3)20140718-214912-78552980.jpg
  2. Shoe rack also from ikea @ 35aed20140718-214913-78553840.jpg
  3. Fortune Plant @ 40aed20140718-214916-78556626.jpg
  4. Kids chairs @10aed each20140718-214915-78555797.jpg
  5. Frames @ 20aed each20140718-214919-78559458.jpg
  6. Brand new Coffee maker @40aed20140718-214914-78554928.jpg
  7. Ikea poster with frame @40aed20140718-214917-78557439.jpg
  8. Vanity Mirror @ 8aed20140718-214919-78559175.jpg
  9. glasses @ 3aed each20140718-214918-78558218.jpg
  10. Butter dish @ 8aed 20140719-115304-42784700.jpg

Phew! I think that was the most shopping I did ever in my life and I only spent less than 300aed now that’s a whole lotta savings!

If I sound like a walking advert, it’s because I am! (an unpaid one at that hehe) I’m just really happy and excited about my finds and savings. Now as I look at my home, I feel like it needs a million things, which means a trip back to Bu is inevitable!


P.S. Special thanks to Tita S for bargaining for me and to Tita LM for opening their home to us city folks! Until our next shopping expedition ladies!  


a lesson on car care

Since my car carries precious cargo (the boys … and me – of course!) everyday we have always brought it to Toyota for service. Every 5,000 km we bring it in and every time they have some recommendations for us that needs to done. They don’t force you to have it done with them but since I have a very low EQ I always say yes. Now this may seem like a very impractical thing to do but when they play the safety card with me there’s nothing I can do. I don’t know squat about car stuff so my/our instinct is to always prevent the problem before it arises.

In the beginning it was little things that didn’t cost much but as the kilometres and the costs piled on, the husband had to see what was going on. So on our last visit he brought it in himself and said “no” to a bunch of stuff. This was when the husband started questioning their motives. Are they really looking out for the maximum performance of our car or are they just robbing us blind?

With the latest “to-do list” in hand we brought the car to Satwa (the equivalent of Banawe in Manila, where there are cheap auto parts and even cheaper labor fees). The only negative thing about going to Satwa was that everything had to be paid for in cash but the husband said it’s still a lot cheaper than having it done at the service centre.

This alone is already a good lesson for you on car care but give me a few minutes and read about my part of the story…

My sunglasses compartment fell off months ago and because it doesn’t affect how the car runs in any way the husband just disregarded it. When we were in Satwa and the guy was doing something on our AC, I took the chance and showed him my broken compartment. Not expecting much from him because the people at Toyota told me that there was a part missing and had to be ordered somewhere. Translation this is gonna be expensive and will take time to do. But you do know that it was killing me softly not having a place for my sunglasses right? (haha! I know priorities).  So back to the person from Satwa who took one minute to look at my broken compartment gets his screw driver one-two-three it was fixed!!! and he didn’t even charge us for it.

So this made me think, maybe I shouldn’t be quick to assume that the official service centre is always looking out for our benefit after all it is a business and the more things they have us done the more money they get out from us. Right? Another lesson maybe to canvas around first, in fairness to them they really don’t pressure you into having something done but if you are like me who knows nothing about cars and believes every Tom, Dick, and Harry in overalls that tells you what your car needs then maybe a little canvassing around won’t hurt.

Think of all the shoes you would’ve bought!!! hahahaha

Punchline: after my sunglasses compartment was fixed and I was happy as Pharell…my latest flavor of the month sunglasses don’t fit inside! hahahaha

Lily Pond Spa – Silicon Oasis


Last weekend I booked myself a mani/pedi and a haircut. I allow myself these treats every now and then. The last time was so long ago my feet were growing mushrooms in between my toes (the horror!!!). I squeezed in a haircut because my last haircut was soooooo bad I just had to have it fixed.

With moving in to the new neighborhood I was in search for a new place to give my hands and feet the proper treatment that I think they deserve. After a couple of mistrial, I think I found the one at Lily Pond Spa. They are located at Dubai Silicon Oasis where Spinney’s is at near the Cedar Villas community. They offer a range of services from a simple mani/pedi to a morrocan bath! I’ve linked up their website for your added info.

I know booking on a Friday was not very wise but I didn’t have a choice. The husband was home and he said he could take care of the boys. My appointment was at 11 AM and the reception was full of clients waiting for their treatment. There was a little confusion with the appointments in the beginning but I didn’t take this against them, it was friday after all. After a few juggling around, they fixed the schedule and I was being led into the nail spa part of the salon. It’s not a big room but cozy with only 5 chairs for the treatment. After my mani/pedi I had my haircut at the hair salon part of the spa. I was a bit shy to take pictures so I didn’t – sorry!

In ending, my weekend was great! I was happy with the treatment and was very very happy with my haircut! I will definitely come back when the husband gets selective amnesia and forgets that watching his boys are a nightmare. haha

ADVICE: make sure you have an appointment because although they are not in the habit of turning clients away, they will do your pedi at the reception which in my opinion is not good because you are paying for the experience don’t you think you deserve the proper pedi? A phone call is not that hard dear! To help you out here’s their digits!

Dubai Silicon Oasis
Shop 24, Spinneys near cedar VillasContact
04-326-331004-326-3320Spa Hours
Everyday9am – 10pm

Sweet Cravings by Cynthia R.


This picture makes me cry every time I see it! haha

1656441_442135339251167_45506976_n1970469_442143235917044_1112917988_n1012382_442318845899483_242853651_n 1623656_442148935916474_1209739391_n1656405_442144325916935_474543913_n 1796547_442137075917660_1501024445_n1957968_442318689232832_1637351362_n

Sweet Cravings is a tiny business venture by my dear friend Cynthia, who lives in Bahrain. You don’t know how much I wish I lived there or she lived here because if we did live in the same GCC, I will be her volunteer (over weight) taste tester. I believe in her talents and I’m very proud of what she has done and because we are miles away the only way I can think of to help her is to help her spread the word by managing her  FB page (so if you have the time, I would appreciate the time to like). 

Cynthia is the owner, baker, artist and sometimes even delivery gal of this small business that would gladly take care of your sweetest needs with professional dedication and love. Oh and did I mention she’s a mother of three too? This gal can do everything I tell ya!

She started her business out of a simple hobby but like the perfectionist that she is, she studied under professional pastry chefs to improve her craft. Her first customers were her friends which became friends of friends and now it has grown to referrals by happy customers all over Bahrain. Of course her happiest and most satisfied customers are her three princesses and her husband who I’m sure is her no. 1 fan.

I could go on and on about how good friends we are and how good her cakes and CHEESECAKES are (That’s my fave) but why take my word for it? Give in to your SWEET CRAVINGS and give her a call. (Spoiler: if you are in Bahrain that is)

Sorry! Now you know how I feel! haha

For more mouth-watering pictures check out our FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/sweetcravingsbahrain

Mail Post nightmares!

Living in a first world country you’d think the mail system would be efficient. Weeeeell… maybe it is but it hasn’t been that efficient to me! In my years of living here the post has caused me an iPhone and most recently a gorgeous (exag) leather bag. For those who know me, you know I’m crying more over the bag than the phone! haha

To be fair, it has also been nice to me getting me books, stationary and other stuff, but the BAG! I can’t get over. 

The post system here in Dubai is the P.O. Box type, all mail go to and are picked up at a P.O. Box assigned to you, so it eliminates the need for a mailman. But there’s a loophole if you don’t have a P.O. Box but the sender writes your mobile number on the label, they will give you a call, to say the parcel is there and ready for pick up (usually at the Karama branch). So of course being a practical gal, I just go through this route, even if it is a hassle I don’t mind the drive to Karama. I don’t get post and parcel often anyway so once in a while is ok.  

I just came from the post office today and inquired about my month-long wait for my parcel. I was informed that all parcels now without P.O. Box are being sent directly back to the sender. The kind gentleman at the information counter did tell me that if I didn’t have a P.O. Box there is a public P.O. Box 1113311 which can be used by anybody and parcels will be kept here for 25 days – that’s good to know.

 IF you are interested to learn more about how to get a P.O. Box here is their website: http://www.epg.gov.ae/epweb/_en/index.xhtml

Good news: I just spoke with someone from Cath Kidston and because I didn’t get my bag they are willing to give me a gift card worth of the price of my original bag. (related to: https://drivingspiderman.wordpress.com/?s=cath+kidston). Now, how to spend it without using the post system hmmmm maybe a trip back to the UK is in order. hehe