My DIY planner

I’m very much excited to share with you my latest DIY project. Ok by the time this post comes out it will not be as latest as it is but excited I am much the same.

With my obsessive planning you are right to assume that I loooooove planners! But this year, I was trying to embrace the digital age and use my phone’s calendar for schedules which actually is synced to my laptop. So in paper or shall I say on-screen, it would seem like I have things settled. But! On one of the blogs that I read, she posted a picture of her planner and it was colorful with washi tapes and all sorts of stamps that I suddenly missed my old school planner.

I asked her where she bought it and she gave me the website. Upon checking the site I realized that she just sells you the right to print the planner. So the printing and binding still goes down to you. Alright her planner was lovely and full of dividers I could use in my everyday life but I wasn’t planning to pay for something and do the work myself. I mean if I was going to make the planner by myself I don’t want to spend. So I searched and found lots of free printable planners online.

I found and fell in love with this one

What I loved most was that she used colourful stripes (FYI I’m a sucker for stripes). I was looking for a weekly planner but then realised that would be a lot of printing so since this is my first time and I’m using my printer. I decided to settle for a monthly planner and think about the weekly next year, or if the husband will allow me to print at the office hehe


With a few distractions from the boys I finished my new planner in a couple of hours and viola!

I am very happy with how my planner came out that I’m already excited for 2015! Haha

All my materials were supplies I had from before so my advice to you if you want to copy my project, look around the house with what you have, you’d be surprise how resourceful you can be when you start to think thrifty! 😉