I came, I sold, I drank coffee…


This morning, I had the opportunity to show off and sell my crochet love products to a group of Venezuelan women. Insane right?! 😱 Never in my wildest dreams but I’m glad the opportunity came my way.

Apparently it’s all the rave now with SAHM (aka Jumeira Janes) in Dubai. How it works is…

A group of friends coordinates a bazaar at one of their houses and invites sellers (like me) to show off their products for a fee. I found out after, that the fees that we sellers paid for were the funds used to buy the breakfast spread. Friends, neighbors and even my own friends (aka the Filipino mafia) were cordially invited to come and have a look at the handmade lovelies and have coffee with the group.

It was a nice quiet morning with good coffee, good company and great handmade products 😜. The way I look at it, it’s a win-win situation, I got to sell, they got to have a social morning, have a nice breakfast spread for no expense (to them) and met new friends! All while our little ones were in school. Beats my usual morning of ironing and laundry any day! 

I’ve been slowly coming out of my shell when it comes to selling and showing off my products on a face to face level. I’m comfortable with Facebook  and Instagram selling because it has that “take it or leave it” attitude. And mostly just good friends  order from me. With bazaars I feel vulnerable because people (strangers) get to touch my products, try them on and have them judge me or tell me if they like it or not. Who wants that right? 

Thankfully today was a good day, the organizer even said that my table was her favorite of the bunch which for me was  already worth all the effort I did on coming to her house.

As a result of me stepping out of my comfort zone, I have opened myself to a bigger network of friends and a couple of possible invites to another coffee morning bazaar. 

Hopefully it will soon open my bank account to a bigger balance 😉.

Until the next conquest! 

Xoxo 😘




I’ve been very very lazy (to say the least) about my blog lately. I actually have no excuse just plain L-A-Z-Y. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I have nothing to share (or say) because if you see my draft folder it’s full of posts I haven’t brought myself into editing. Yes friends even if my blog seems like I just type and type and say anything that comes out of my head it does go through days of editing (in this case months) 😬.

But nothing excites me more than a new project and the prospect to meet new friends online. My friend and forever grade school and high school seat mate (when we were arranged alphabetically) mymommyology tapped me on the shoulder to invite me to join #trailingspousesstories I immediately jumped into the opportunity. This is the reason we blog right? To share stories and meet people going through the same thing, to know that we are not alone.

To “pay it forward” (as they say) I would like to extend the invitation to friends who are co-trailing spouses who want to share their stories online. If you don’t have a blog, the mechanics did say that you can “guest post” on any one of the bloggers (ahem!). Or this may be the perfect opportunity for you to start blogging too!

More details on this are found here: http://talaocampo.com/trailingspousestories-blog-crawl/. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any one of the organisers: Tala at mailto:tala@talaocampo.com or Didi at mailto:didi_paterno@yahoo.com (http://www.dfordelicious.com/) or ME!!!

Have a nice day and hang in there girlies! I see the weekend coming soon!!! Not that we get a day off or anything😜


Mickey Mouse Concert

Madonna, Rihanna, Justin, and Beyonce…I don’t even give them the time of day! But when Mickey Mouse and Friends announce that they are coming over to Abu Dhabi for a concert, you just know we had to watch! The husband did not even think twice on buying the tickets. We knew how much our boys loved Mickey and passing up this concert was going to be a BIG mistake. So with the credit card ready, I booked our tickets online the minute they started selling. I was so scared that the tickets would sell fast, just like when Madonna was in town, but it turns out I was over reacting (as usual). The 4 day Mickey concert with 2-3 shows in a day were more than enough to accommodate all the parents going crazy for tickets (present company included).


With our tickets booked a month in advance, I kept it a secret to surprise the boys! I  was happy with my seating choice. I got the first row of the cheapest section seats (Bronze) which gave us extra leg space and no one was blocking our view. I pity the people who bought the last row of the mid price section (Silver) because their seats were crammed and only about two feet closer to the stage than our seats which to my opinion was better than theirs and definitely much cheaper too. It was my first time at the Du Forum and I was surprised to find out that it’s not a big space so I assumed it was easy to see the stage from where anybody was sitting.

Below two years old was still free and thankfully so because half way before the intermission my little one preferred to walk outside than watch the princesses sing and dance.  He was fidgeting and unsettled because he kept insisting to sit on the chair beside me (which I didn’t pay for) but after a while he settled for the step in front of us which demarcated the “Silver” seating section (can I hear a sulit! yup yup!). We thrifty mommies have to take advantage of the FOC (free of charge), before he becomes FP (full price).


seat filler

After the intermission (and paying too much for some chips and popcorn) that’s when Woody and Buzz came out and livened up the crowd. Not that the princesses were boring but my boys well, they are boys what more can I say? After a few dancing and a lively audience participation they ended the concert with a high note. 

Aaaaaaaand just like that our weekend was over and we drove back to Dubai with two very tired but happy boys at the back seat. 

Now if that doesn’t sound like a good weekend I don’t know what is…


My son being silly, he hates taking photos lately …

One year…

Wow! Driving spider-man is ONE today. I didn’t know I could/would last that long.

If you are a bit confused about why I say I am one today but have post from 2009. It’s because in the middle of this blog journey I decided to combine all my previous blogs! Yes this is my third attempt to start a blog. Third times a charm right?

My first one started when I was awake on the wee hours of the night attending to Adrian when he was a baby. So if you look back it’s more one liners because I was, most of the time, half asleep. Then my next attempt was to be a food blogger, but then I realized I don’t eat at exciting places, exciting enough to whet your appetites at least. And then came Driving Spider-Man where I’m just myself and not trying to be anything else. That seems to work the best in most aspects of our lives don’t you think? – being ourselves.

Thank you for your continued support (?) I promise to write more and share more until you get sick of me! (haha) Most of you are family so I’m sorry your stuck with me for life! haha

One year and moving onwards! Wish I could throw all of you a party but we all know that takes 6 months planning (OC) hahaha

Have a nice day y’all. Your faithful blogger and friend and cousin, and sister, and niece,…


Show Jumping Friday

Since my eldest boy started talking, he likes narrating his experiences to anybody who would listen. He has such a sharp memory that he relates past experiences to relevant ones. So because of this we love taking him to different things so he can build up his memory bank (and ours too) and get as much out from life that his 4-year-old self can take.

Enter last friday’s activity:


20140202-012033.jpgWe watched a show jumping championship. Yes! With horses and equestrians and all that fancy shmancy stuff. The husband got a flyer on his email and since the boys love animals and it said “free entry” (major deciding factor), away we go!

It was nice to get to watch a different kind of sport, for the first time, I might add. Since the weather was cool it was not a problem staying outdoors! The boys were bored after 10 minutes of watching the horses jump, of course! And pulled us out of the bleachers  and to the kids play area we went. But not after getting a squeal from my youngest after seeing the horses jump (it was precious but I didn’t want to bother the serious show jumping fans).


The kids’ play area was not bad they had inflatable slides, a mechanical bull and a pony ride paddock. Don’t my boys look adorable with their riding helmets on? I don’t think anyone of them will $tart a eque$trian career anytime $oon but if anyone i$ willing to $ponsor (wink wink) haha

I don’t know who won the championship that day but the day out with the horses was a big winner in my boys eyes. They got to play outdoors, ride horses, and eat popcorn and ice cream. They were even well-behaved inside the car for the looooong drive back and forth in the middle of the desert. All in all it was a good and nice bonding experience for us.


In ending, I  hope my boys never loose their thirst for knowledge and for new experiences. Rest assured we will be there holding their tiny little hands along the way and for sure we too will be loving every step of the way.


A Red Apron Birthday

Red Apron is my latest restaurant find in Ibn Batutta. It’s funny how the mall started upgrading their food options just when I left Discovery Gardens. ANYWAY…

20140201-071245We celebrated this very cute and handsome little boy’s first birthday here yesterday. Jayrob is Karen and Jay’s second child. Kudos to Karen for all the effort – the party was a success! I know some things didn’t go as planned dear but don’t be too hard on yourself girl! We had lots of fun!!! To think you just planned and executed wonderfully your first daughter’s party less than 30 days ago and then this! (clap, clap and slow clap!)

Now ON to more serious stuff – THE FOOD. hehe 

The restaurant is trying to resurrect the cafeteria style of dining where you get your food, pay at the counter and sit. It’s a good concept if you are in a rush to have lunch/dinner but the place is also welcoming for a leisure coffee morning with friends. Karen said it was their first time to host a party in their restaurant and there are still some/a lot of  areas to improve on.


Dancing staff of RED APRON

But because the staff was very accommodating,some things can be overlooked. They even learned how to make balloon trellis from YouTube to make the place look  festive. They even prepared a dance number for the celebrant which gave the party a rockin’ vibe. Special mention to the FILIPINO staff which took care of us – thanks for being so warm and friendly.  

The food was great! Everything was Y-U-M-M-O!! (expressed the way Rachel Ray would). I loved everything! (as in). I couldn’t stop eating! The Kare-Kare, meatloaf and chicken plus the oriental rice was all gone in 60 seconds from my plate. Even the kid’s meal of pansit, fries,pizza and nuggets was good, I’m lucky I got two for my boys haha. 

We will definitely come back to try more. If you are looking for a good alternative to the Ibn Batutta food court which may get chaotic on the weekends. Give Red Apron a try, it’s nice and cozy won’t break the bank. 


near Geant opposite Daiso


This could potentially be my next favorite tambayan. FREE WIFI perhaps?


Lots of room to roam while dinning with the tots


*I thought I took more photos but will probably grab some from Facebook when people start posting.

Again Happy happy Birthday to our dearest baby Jayrob. May the Lord bless you in this wonderful life you have ahead of you. Always listen to your parents, especially your mother (she’s always right!) hehe

Thank you for having us and sharing this special day with your family. I leave you with words from my four-year old “That was a fun night, mommy!” And indeed it was.