weekend with Bu

I had a very eventful weekend and I’m very excited to share it to anyone who will give me the time 😜. Well before you get too excited I must tell you it’s a very “domestic” type of adventure. Being a mother of two that’s about all the type of adventure you can expect from me (not complaining 😉).

We were invited at our friend’s house in Ajman for the weekend for some get together and to go second hand store shopping at Bu Faisal. I wrote about Bu Faisal before – click on link if you need to be reminded haha. Ramadan tends to be a good time to go to second hand shops because it’s this time of the year that some of our wealthy muslim brothers change most or all of their furniture which means second hand stores like Bu Faisal gets all the goods they sell, throw or give away. Which makes Bu Faisal the destination for thrifty bargain hunters like me us.

The store opens at 5PM and closes at 11PM so our host thought it was best if we all slept over to maximise our shopping expedition. Of course the boys were not informed that they were going to be daddy nannies the whole night which led to a very vocal protest as soon as we got home but it fell on deaf ears for we were all on a shopping high.

Prior to the event, I thought our house was good the way it is now so I was under the impression that I was just joining them to look around and not buy anything, with that being said, our car (with a very large boot mind you) was full of stuff I got from Bu Faisal on the way home to Dubai from Ajman. I told you I didn’t need anything! haha


Busy weekend,Fixing the boys’ room with my new drill and mixing my Bu finds with my old furniture. I think the TV is almost vintage! haha

Without further adieu I share with you my precious cheap finds.

  1. Shelves organiser from ikea at only 10aed each (I got 3)20140718-214912-78552980.jpg
  2. Shoe rack also from ikea @ 35aed20140718-214913-78553840.jpg
  3. Fortune Plant @ 40aed20140718-214916-78556626.jpg
  4. Kids chairs @10aed each20140718-214915-78555797.jpg
  5. Frames @ 20aed each20140718-214919-78559458.jpg
  6. Brand new Coffee maker @40aed20140718-214914-78554928.jpg
  7. Ikea poster with frame @40aed20140718-214917-78557439.jpg
  8. Vanity Mirror @ 8aed20140718-214919-78559175.jpg
  9. glasses @ 3aed each20140718-214918-78558218.jpg
  10. Butter dish @ 8aed 20140719-115304-42784700.jpg

Phew! I think that was the most shopping I did ever in my life and I only spent less than 300aed now that’s a whole lotta savings!

If I sound like a walking advert, it’s because I am! (an unpaid one at that hehe) I’m just really happy and excited about my finds and savings. Now as I look at my home, I feel like it needs a million things, which means a trip back to Bu is inevitable!


P.S. Special thanks to Tita S for bargaining for me and to Tita LM for opening their home to us city folks! Until our next shopping expedition ladies!  



Incident vs Accident

I’ve recently seen an interview on television about traffic collisions in the Philippines. He (I don’t remember who) stated that they don’t call road collisions accidents because these are all preventable and should be called an incident. He was stressing that road collisions are preventable because if both drivers were following the road rules and paying attention to what they were doing then it would have been preventable. Made so much sense to me that when something happened in my home yesterday late afternoon, I thought to myself was this an accident? or an incident? Could have I avoided all this trouble? Sadly the answer was a resounding YES.


I kept asking him if he was ‘Ok” he asked me to stop asking. Can you blame me?

My eldest son had an incident with a very sharp bed corner meeting his right upper eyelid. He actually didn’t cry when it happened but called me to show me the blood in his hands (Brave boy). My first instinct was to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. When this did not stop the bleeding, I decided to take him to the clinic to at least have someone take a look. I placed a band-aid to temporarily put pressure on the wound while we run down to the clinic below our building. After explaining to the nurse what happened she didn’t want to remove the band-aid because as she explained the wound may be too deep and she may worsen the situation. This made me panic a little, could he possibly need stitches? I thought to myself. Of course there was no doctor available at that moment and we were advised to go to Arabian Ranches for their sister clinic.

Luckily we were there in about 15 minutes (thank you Google maps!) and we were seen immediately. Because Adrian has been to MEDICLINIC in Ibn Batutta his records were on file so there was no hassle registering. The doctor explained that it was only a surface wound and should heal in about 2-3 days. No biggie but can you blame me? I was worried sick.


at the clinic all calm and well behaved

Driving back home I was thinking about the accident/incident thing. This was definitely an incident. There are lots of baby proofing materials in the market and not because my eldest is four years old I should take things around him for granted. I learned my lesson and thankfully it wasn’t the hard way.


Special thanks to MEDICLINIC at Arabian Ranches. Don’t take this the wrong way but I hope I never have to see you again for cases like this.

If you need any info on them, I’ve linked their website and included their details below:

PO Box 282602, Dubai, UAE
Arabian Ranches Community
Click to call +971-4-4534020
Fax +971-4-4328291

Email arabianranches@mediclinic.ae



my DIY Christmas project

I’ve never been the DIY kind of girl. I appreciate the originality and the effort that people put into it but I’ve never been able to do it ON MY OWN. My sister or my mother always execute creative things for me. But this time around no one was there to do it for me so I had to woman up and do it myself.

With Pinterest on my finger tips I’ve spent many a sleepless nights going through it. I would’ve just bought a box of chocolates for our friends and wrap it with christmas wrapper (like what I did last year). But I wanted to do something different this year.


The inspiration

My first thought was to give out food in a mason jar simply because I’m obsessed with them. Then I saw this website (click on the picture to be able to go to the website) on Pinterest. The Santa Belt appealed to me the most because my first thought was “I can do this”. The food that will go with the jar was always going to be store-bought (in my head) I mean, I could bake or make truffles but really?????? So Caramel popcorn with mixed nuts was my choice of filling from Garrett’s – of course!


I think mine came out close to the original don’t you think? I like how fun and festive my jars came out. I did have some doubts when we started giving it to a couple of Muslim guys from the office but hey! ‘Tis the season, right?

In the end, my jars came out cheaper than my box of chocolates ideas which makes me feel happy and fulfilled! But rest assured whatever my jars lack in monetary value, the love and time I’ve given to each and every one of them makes them priceless (BOLA! haha)

My Materials:


Crepe paper, twine, felt paper, mason jars (all from DAISO) and a new glue gun with glue sticks

Found these Christmas Washi tape at Paper lane and I decided to spruce up some plain cards I had in stock. I also went ahead to decorate my manila envelopes for mailing as well. Can’t wait to hear what the people at the post office has to say.



moving forward



Most people dread moving because they think that it’s stressful. Even though I have to agree that IT IS stressful, I on the other hand don’t dread it, in fact I’m kinda looking forward to it.

In my almost 10 years here in Dubai, I’ve moved a total of 4x and it amazes me how every time I move I noticeably accumulate more and more stuff. A very good analogy to the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated through the years is the type of transportation I’ve used in my moves.

The first time I moved, all my stuff was crammed inside a Toyota Corolla (with room to spare). The second time, we hired a pick up truck to help us haul our things from one place to the other. Next move, a friend offered his truck, which was a GMC Sierra so between that and our trusted Honda Civic, we moved ala bayanihan style. The last move, the one to our current house, I didn’t dare ask my friend this time since it might take about 3 trips because of all my things and since I didn’t want to lose a friend in the process we hired a moving truck (not a big one, a mini one-if that exists). Now while I study the things that I have, it seems that I would have to hire a cargo truck, I exaggerate but not so much (haha).

An Analogy of my growing number of things through our transport system:


So if it isn’t obvious by now, we’ve finally found a place!!!

We started searching seriously as soon as Arnie arrived 10 days ago. Booking agents, discussing rent prices, terms of payments, etc etc. And then last thursday we hit a wall – HARD! Things were not going our way and the flats that were available to us were simply not making me house proud. I asked Arnie if he wanted me to like the last flat we looked at (pa cute) because we were simply out of options and he said that if I didn’t like it then let’s not go for it – simple! And that we didn’t have to move anyway.

I was feeling so low and with nowhere to go but up we thought of just to look at a place at Sky Courts Tower, the rents in this area were exactly in our budget but it wasn’t in our radar because of the long drive we thought we would have to do to get there. But turns out it wasn’t so bad and like everything in life we will just have to learn to ADAPT!

To make my long story short, we paid the reservation fee then and there and will just sit on our hands and wait for the go signal to move in. I wonder how many men and what type of truck will help us this time around…

Photo Credit:


A whole new world

Our lease is up for renewal in December and although we love staying here and love our landlord even more because of the minimal increase in our rent for almost 3 years we have to move on to a larger flat. The boys are growing up fast and with their increase in weight and height also comes the increase in their toy collection. But not to put all the blame on the boys I have the tendency to collect and keep stuff too ( I call this my Lola Mary syndrome)

Background: Lola Mary is my maternal grandmother who was the ultimate hoarder. It got so bad that when she died we’ve unearthed things in her closet that was of pre war age. I bet it would have done well in an auction (watching too much Discovery Channel ie. Storage wars and auction kings to name a few) 

I like our community here in Discovery Gardens even though I do complain of the traffic (sometimes-ALOT!). But there is a shortage of two bedrooms here and the waiting list to get one is long so the odds for us to get a 2 bedroom flat by December is close to impossible. When Arnie told me we might have to look somewhere else I have to admit I felt sad but this feeling didn’t last too long … trust me.

Last weekend we drove around the areas where it would be possible for us to rent, these were the candidates

  1. Remraam

    REMRAAM™ offers attractive freehold apartments for individuals and families wanting serene community living in the heart of DUBAILAND® near Dubai Bypass Road, in rapidly developing “new Dubai.”

    The development is situated between the Jebel Ali Free Zone and Arabian Ranches, with easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road, in proximity to the city’s prime commercial and residential districts. REMRAAM™ creates a friendly yet tranquil neighbourhood with communal swimming pools, lawns, barbecue areas, play areas for children and a mosque.

    – See more at: http://dubaipropertiesgroup.ae/buy/remraam#sthash.FPiJZKfo.dpuf

  2. Dubai Investment Park – EWAN Residence

    EWAN is a unique residential community, offering world-class accommodation that introduces a new style of modern living in a vibrant environment. Traditional and international design and architectural concepts have been combined together throughout the project to reflect a mix of Arabic heritage and modern lifestyles, aside from elements as wind towers and residences that reflect Emirati, Arabic and Andalusian characteristics. This beautifully landscaped development is a secure, gated community that also includes a recreation centre and several facilities such as play areas for children, swimming pools and a jogging track throughout the complex. Many top retail outlets are scheduled to open at the specially created shopping area that will have a souq-like atmosphere to allow residents to experience the finest traditions of the region. From:http://www.dipark.com/SitePages/residential.aspx#9

  3. Dubai Silicon Oasis


Established in 2004, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) (www.dso.ae) is wholly owned by the Government of Dubai providing both a living and working integrated community. Silicon Oasis is a Free Zone Authority and provides free trade zone incentives and benefits to companies operating within the tech park.

Dubai Silicon Oasis’ (DSO) spans 7.2 km². The Authority has made a large capital investment in its infrastructure to cater to the need of high tech industries in the free zone, this ranges from advanced telecommunications, a fibre optic network, tier 3 data centre with 120 high capacity racks, and a high-tech utility infrastructure with 8 power stations with a capacity of 1600 MW.

The technology park possesses a combined fire, water and irrigation supply system which is supported by a pump station and a 5000 m³ underground irrigation tank. A sanitary water network is also provided giving potable water supply of 44,525 m³ per day based on an estimated 162,400 population working and/or living at the Silicon Oasis. DSO has a sewerage management system includes onsite pumping stations that transport wastewater to municipal plants through a new pressure pipeline. Current capacity of the sewage management system is 3,000 m³ per day (of which the technology park currently uses approximately a third) with a planned expansion set to see the capacity increased to 10,000 m³ to facilitate the community’s future growth.

In addition, DSO has a fully completed network of roads allowing quick in and out access to Dubai’s major highways.

From Wikipedia

I can imagine myself living in any one of these, so as you can see my loyalty to Discovery Gardens is not as strong as I thought. The main and deciding factor here will be the rent price and the no. of bathrooms, and the space, and the security , and the pool, and the play ground, and the parking, and the…I’m kidding. Some things we can over look if the price is right. But I think the feeling of living in an area is an important deciding factor too, we have to be happy about the area, at the end of the day that’s the important part right?

There are more properties to check out and choose from, but right now we are just looking and checking out the places that are unfamiliar to us. We have not contacted any real estate agent yet because it still is 4 months away and Arnie has no plans of being barraged by phone calls from agents pressuring him to make a decision.

All in all I think the my role comes in with the decorating part and making the new place into a home which is also what excites me the most. This flat we are living in now has been a big part of the boys’ life that moving to a new and bigger flat would be like living in a whole new world for them and I intend to make the transition from the old place to the new one as smooth as possible.

I can’t wait for December, but first I’ve got to start collecting boxes and start packing. Wish me luck!!!