Magic Planet Bowling Party

The boys have been crazy about bowling lately. But sad to say it’s not with 4 kilo balls and hardwood floors but more with app games on the iPad haha. I know we should discourage the iPad and promote physical activities but I’m so scared that they might drop the ball on their foot that I’ve delayed taking them to the bowling alley…until now. Last friday, we were invited to a bowling party at Magic Planet by one of Adrian’s classmates and as expected my boy loved it!



Resting after his game and eating cherries with the celebrant

As we were playing our game, I’ve noticed that Adrian would do his turn and wait for others to finish, he also would congratulate other players if they knocked down a lot of pins and even gets more excited for them when they chance upon a strike. This was about the same time I realised that playing this sport could potentially teach my son some patience and a little bit of humility. We will surely be back to play more but maybe wait a little bit until the little one can carry his own ball.


The party place ready for some round of musical chairs.

The party continued on to the party room after everybody played a round of bowling and the usual party games were enjoyed. Food was served after the games which was chicken from KFC and pizza from Pizza Hut. For the adults they’ve set up a small buffet of coffee, fruits and cheese sandwiches. The birthday cake was a chocolate ice cream cake from Marble slab which even made me a little excited – fortunately we were all given a slice.

After the food they gave out party favours which take note DID NOT contain any candy, something that I greatly appreciated and with it came a magic planet card that the kids could use on the rides.

The party place may get fully booked especially on a friday so back to back parties are expected. But with the free card for rides your guests will surely can’t wait to get out of the room after the food. Something which was nice because as a guest I didn’t feel like we were rushed to go out of the room because they had to clean for the next party. But the staff was really efficient and a party started about 40 mins. after we left.


after the party Aden joined us to enjoy the free rides

With these kinds of parties I’m always conscious that Adrian is the only invited one and Aden should not participate (very different dynamic with the Filipino crowd) but because this was more of a big boy party the activities were not suitable for him, so him and Arnie left us for about 2 hours that enabled Adrian and myself to enjoy ourselves with the other kids and parents.


the compulsory class picture before blowing the candles


Adrian and his passé eating and laughing like big boys


Summer is for sports (?)

To keep my little man entertained for the summer, we enrolled him at summer camp. There are a lot of establishments offering summer camp programs here in Dubai you just have to choose the program that your kid likes. For us it was really a no brainer, we have boys so it had to be something with sports. E-Sports Holiday camp was perfect for Adrian, since he has not shown any inclination to any specific sport yet E-Sport’s summer camp have different sport activity everyday for the kids to play. One day they could be swimming, then tennis the next and basketball etc etc.

They have many venues here in Dubai and the closest one to our house is in Winchester School. They only have the program for the month of July at Winchester and so we enrolled Adrian during the last two weeks of July. If I had my way, I would’ve applied Adrian from the first week on immediately after school ended but Arnie wanted Adrian to rest a bit from school, after all it is HIS summer vacation.

From the beginning Adrian has resisted going to summer camp every morning but in the afternoon when I pick him up he is his usual smiley self. I was getting worried because he might be being bullied by the bigger boys at camp but since they separate the groups by ages I hope that is not the case.

At the back of my head I am always wondering and a bit worried why he always cries in the morning, it’s so out of his character because he loves going to school. But every time Arnie drops him off at camp there’s always a big drama fest one time Arnie said 3 coaches had to carry him inside the gym because he was kicking and screaming.

Then this morning as we were getting ready he said

“Mommy, I don’t want to go to camp, want to stay with mommy!”

I think my heart broke in a million pieces when I heard him say these words. But kids are smart you know, they know how to pull on your heartstrings, it may be because he can watch Disney channel all day or play with his iPhone when he is home but in my mind my son wants to spend time with me (delusional but a mom can dream right?). And so,I made the decision that instead of enrolling him in the same program in another school for August maybe I’ll just keep my Adrian close to me for a while. Soon enough there will be summers where he would rather go out with friends than spend it with me so I’m going to cherish these moments for now.


Adrian being consoled by his fave coach



free play for early birds before the session starts



activity schedules for the different age groups


Mall Walking

Only in Dubai that Mall Walking is considered as a sport. Ok, it’s not going to be included in the Olympics any time soon but there’s a local group known as Mall Walkers here in Dubai that goes around the Mall of the Emirates that takes their walking very seriously even counting their total KM from all the walking they’ve done since they started their walking group. I was surprised to see that some people even post messages on forums asking for mall walking companions. I on the other hand have got my hands full with my mall walking partner (Aden). Because of this group of people the mall’s door is open as early as 8:00 AM. The best part is, it’s not open exclusively for them so anyone can do their own mall walking without joining the group.

I’ve accidentally discovered this one morning after dropping Adrian to school and I had to do some food shopping from Carrefour at the Mall of the Emirates which opens at 9:00 AM with nowhere to hang out at, I decided to wait it out at the mall parking but as I saw cars parking and women in their walking attire entering the mall, this naturally aroused my curiosity and that’s when I saw them, and started doing the same too.

Because Mall of the Emirates is halfway to our house and halfway from Adrian’s school once I finish walking I just wait at the mall until it’s time for me to pick up Adrian. But now, I’ve moved on to Ibn Battuta, a mall closer to our house, so after I walk the length of the mall (which I’m thinking should be about 2.5KM) I simply just go home and avoid hanging out around the mall just to be tempted by Starbucks, Costa and other breakfast spots open at that time.

As I promised myself from my earlier post SAFA PARK I’m going to try to continue my walking exercise. Especially now that I’ve found the perfect place to do it for the summer. It seems that there really is no more excuses for me NOT to do it huh?


long empty corridors of Ibn Battuta mall at 8:30 AM


temptation – but I’ve devised a way to avoid it – I don’t bring my wallet with me – simple!


fellow mall walkers

Safa Park

I’ve always had weight issues. Growing up relatives would always comment on how “big” I looked and they don’t mean the big as in tall, they meant the other thing. So I try to control my husband when he calls our kids “TABA” (fatso). Yes kids are cuter when they are a bit heavy and I too sometimes slip up and call my baby “tabachinching“. That is why I am trying to show a good example and exercise more to show them how good it feels when you take proper care of yourself.

To do this, I TRY to walk around Safa Park during the weekdays, when I can. Safa Park is a park in the middle of the city. It has a jogging path that goes around for 3500M. I like walking there in the morning because it helps me discipline myself to finish the circuit and walk the 3.5KM. Unlike when I walk around our place, If I feel just a bit of discomfort the temptation to go home is there and most often than not, I always give in. It’s very close to Adrian’s school so after my school run I go straight there.

I always make sure Aden has eaten so that he will not distract me when I do my walk. Lots of people walk or jog there in the morning and most of them are fit and slim. I always tell myself, if I keep this up I may be one of them someday and that’s what keeps me going.


Ladies in their ABAYAS (Dubai’s national dress) walking around the park.


exercise machines for public use in the park


TIM HORTONS across the street that always calls my name when I pass by this corner “Nicole, come and eat here, I have coffee and donuts!” -proud to say I’ve never answered him back – YET!

One year from now I’m going to write another SAFA PARK post and tell you if I did it or maybe write about the excuse I came up with why I couldn’t do it. I still can’t see any results but I’m happy about my efforts. I just hope I continue to have this attitude and not get frustrated (like I always do).