Happy Birthday Aden!!

He’s always happy 😊 when mommy ❤️ is around.

I hide behind a corner and his smile turns to a frown😫.

He loves his brother for life they are bound👬.

They pick each other up when one is feeling down.


He runs to daddy 💙 for some fun and games.

He laughs the loudest when the ball ⚽️ is in play.

He rules our house like he is King James👑.

His cry 😭 makes us tremble every night🌙 or day☀️.

Today he is a year older from one to two.

Baby 👶no more, now he is my little boy🏃.

We wish him only happiness like any parent 👪 would do.

Now it’s time to stop writing 📝 and buy him a toy🎁.



and then we were FOUR

Finally our small unit is finally complete. With Arnie being home the boys are over the moon happy! They’ve got their savior back, their daddy is finally home – and it marks the end of mommy’s dictatorship run. haha


And like a warm welcome home present, Aden who usually is aloof with Arnie, suddenly becomes his best bud. He follows him around all day, always comes up to him to play and even doesn’t mind being fed and bathed and changed by him.

I can’t put my finger on how and when all this change happened but I’m happy for Arnie that both of his boys adore him like the true hero that he is.

Walk like a MAN – a late post


My Aden has started walking!!! (28 Aug 2013)

He’s been crawling for the longest time that when he stood up and took his first steps I was shrieking with joy! (of course I forgot to take a video) He is able to prop himself up and maybe take a step but he always falls flat on his face, hence the house is full of rubber mats to prevent himself from hitting his face. But on 28 August 2013, he took two steps, then 3, 4 it happened so fast!!! Today he can walk through the house, still not so sturdy but he’s practicing and testing his limits more and more!

Way to go Aden! We are so proud of you!

Even Arnie got all sentimental whispering to Aden’s ear

Aden ang laki mo na! di ka na baby!”

in translation:  Aden, you are growing up, you are not a baby anymore!

Seasons of Aden II

more greetings of love for our little bubba…



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Birthday with a SPLASH!


For Aden’s birthday, we decided to do something special and went on a field trip to Ras Al Khaimah. Ok! To be honest we had coupons for Iceland Water Park that we were suppose to use the weekend before but was not able to. And because his party is not until saturday I felt it would be nice to do something ON the day itself so I asked Arnie if it was possible for him to take a leave from work and for Adrian to skip school on a Thursday. He agreed to this and I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t like Adrian to think that it was ok to ditch school and go to a water park so I didn’t make such a big deal that he was skipping school. Honestly I don’t think he noticed but you know kids can remember everything so I didn’t want to risk him remembering being absent from school because we went to a water park. #spoiledmuch


Weekday on a water park seemed sad, there were no cues, no people to bump into, no kids to tell off to stop jumping on the slides etc etc…I know! I know! If I went on a weekend you’d hear me complaining on and on of the cues and the people. There’s just no way to please me haha. Because it was the beginnings of summer and with a baby to think about we decided to rent a cabana. It was an extra cost but I have to say it was worth it. We had our own room with AC, free towels and free drinks cooling in the fridge plus you can have food delivered to your cabana at no extra cost. Now that I’ve experienced this “treat” I can’t imagine going to a water park not renting one anymore. #At the end of the day as long as the boys enjoyed themselves we have done our jobs right as parents. The birthday boy was happy crawling on the toddler pool and Adrian went on the water slide again and again and again (positive note of going on a weekday)


IMG_1868 IMG_2704IMG_2703IMG_1887IMG_1880

Note to self: next time buy a waterproof camera (I was so scared that I’d drop my phone on the water!)

Seasons of ADEN

For my littlelest spidey Aden, we love you very much!

I made the same type of video for Adrian when he turned one and up to this day, it still brings tears to my eyes when I watch it.

Here’s Adrian’s video when he turned one.

Thank you to all my relatives and friends that allowed me to bully them to make these two videos possible.


I am and will forever be grateful.


Aden is ONE today.

Aden is ONE today.

taken as soon as he woke up approx 7:30AM which was almost the same time he was born. (excuse the blurry photo-lighting issues)

We made sure he was celebrated in a special way today because 365 days ago he came into our lives and made our family complete.

Happy Birthday my little one.

-Daddy, mommy and Adrian love you very much