A Mexican Love Affair


With two tots and no nanny, a romantic dinner for Valentine’s day is out of the question. But we celebrated heart’s day with the next best thing, a fun evening with dear friends. My Belles (related post: Saved by the Belles) spent the evening of romance with Mexican food and kids running all over the place. Definitely not your typical valentines night out.

I decided to keep the dinner simple with a Taco bar, which required me to buy the condiments and serve. Guest make their own tacos so I could just sit, relax and enjoy the evening (genius noh?). I wish I could take credit for this idea but this is how we had tacos with my cousins when we were growing up. 10 children with different palates this was how my tita Gilda✞ (miss her much) made all of us happy.

Sharon, was supposed to make the Guacamole but ended but bringing an ice cream cake which to any dessert loving, unhealthy eating mama like me preferred over guac any day! It’s a long story how the guacamole turned into a cake but that’s why I love Tita Shawie she tries her best but is honest enough to say  “No!, I can’t do it! Let’s bring cake instead“. The talented and ever so posh Tita Carina made the chicken fajitas which I think was the saviour of the evening because Tacos alone for the boys simply will not suffice. She also brought red velvet cupcakes, which turned slightly pink but was yummy nonetheless. Plus I ordered Tres Leches cupcakes from Cakes Couture by Annie. She even made the cupcake topper of Mexican hearts with no extra charge!

20140214-191132.jpg20140215-092136.jpgMexican food is often seen on food trucks and is generally thought of as street food in America so to host this type of evening just means “fun eating”. With the make your own taco concept it gave my guests the option to make as much as they want and however they like it. Because I was also not willing to wash a lot of dishes, this type of food made me get away with serving paper plates and plastic cutlery to my guests. Something which would make my dear Tita Gilda✞ turn on her grave.

The kids having their own room to play enabled them to have a safe and fair amount of distance from us leaving the adults to have some quality time chit chatting about nothing (hehe). Of course the little one still clings on me like moss to a tree but I did not let this bother me while I listen and join in on the adult conversation. I shy away from having people at the house because I feel like I cannot entertain them well with the two boys always on my tail. But with my dear belles I feel like I can just chill and be myself and they will definitely understand without judgement. It’s my first official hosting gig of the year and in this new house too. This venue made me relax more because the boys were in their own turf less stress on myself that they might break something of value.

We ended our evening planning our next gastronomical adventure which was going to be Thai themed. I volunteered to make the Pad Thai, Tita Carins will make the Tom Yum, even Tito Ed chimed in and volunteered to make pineapple fried rice our ever dearest Tita Shawie will bring the fish sauce! (hehe I kid tita Shawie because I love you!)

To end my post, I want to leave you with words from my friend Jane Austen:

My idea of good company is a company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.

-Jane Austen

And my Belles are definitely good company! Until next time my dear Belles. Much love.

P.S. Thanks to whats app, we can tease each other and share cheesy texts to each other almost everyday along with the founder of the group, Cynthia from Bahrain – which is the craziest one of the bunch (shhhhhhhhh!).