Event styling by Dinky C.


Dinky C. is the brains (and beauty) behind Aden’s Circus party. A year ago if you asked me about hiring an event stylist for one of my son’s birthday I’d be like “What for?!” but now that I’ve experienced working with one, I can’t imagine doing another party without her. I once thought that party planning involved the food, the venue, and the guest list but now I’m officially adding event styling to the mix.

Dinky C., (I lovingly call her Ate Dinx) volunteered her services to help me plan Aden’s party and she has been by my side from conception to delivery. I loved working with her, we would bounce ideas with each other (special thanks  to imessage for all the free SMS) and she’d constantly check up on me if I had done my “assignments” which was a good thing because I have a tendency to procrastinate. I have to say she had this party in her head and no one can derail her from her vision. With any talented person, I feel like you just have step back and let them do their magic, you don’t teach a chef how to cook right?

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She hasn’t been doing this for a long time. She’s discovered a new talent and wants to practice her skills, I on the other hand am a willing guinea pig.  I really hope she pursues this. I will be her no. 1 FAN and walking commercial. I never thought “event styling” was necessary for a party but seeing and experiencing one made me change my mind completely. There’s something about a polished table that tells your guests

I put a lot of love and effort to this party and I hope you enjoy it!”

I really hope she starts to make this as a career and people start to hire her because she really is good at it and genuinely cares for your event.

Thanks again Ate Dinx! I cannot be more grateful.


Aden’s Circus Party


The “big day” has finally arrived. On the way to the party I was a nervous wreck (just ask Arnie). I wanted everything to turn out fine that I was worrying about people coming on time, the food, even how the kids would behave was on my list of worries. If it isn’t obvious by now, I don’t host too many parties. My cousin Janice did tell me not to stress and enjoy the party, I think she knows me too well. But I’m happy to report that once the party started all my worries were gone and I just enjoyed every moment.


Our venue, Fat Burger has a second floor with a play area which they can close exclusively for parties (which I love). As I anticipated the kids were out-of-the-way in their little play area and the adults were all in the dining area catching up with old friends. My Adrian had such a wonderful time with his passé, kuya Vhiggo and ate Czin that I didn’t even see him during the party. But because I know he had back up, I know he was safe. Even the birthday boy was also playing the gracious party host going from one table to the next (leaving me alone for once). But after a while I think he got exhausted from all the interaction and mommy was his only refuge and reconnect the umbilical cord we did.


Photo Credit: Edwin Mendoza


Photo Credit: Edwin Mendoza


With our Circus Theme Party  “the table” was the star! That’s where ate Dinx comes in she played the role of an event stylist and I just let her do her magic. And magic is what she did to that table, for never in a million years will I be able to put up that table the same way she did – if that’s not a talent I don’t know what talent is!!! Watch out for my next post about her.

Photo Credit: Edwin Mendoza

Photo Credit: Edwin Mendoza

Another supplier who helped me meet the Circus Theme was FADGE CAKE who made the birthday cake. Mhin the owner/baker did such a good job. She promised me a “better” cake than the picture I sent her and she did not  disappoint! It was also a pleasant experience working with her she was very professional and that’s how I think every cake supplier should be. Funny story, her husband, I assume, was so used to the pick up thing that when we did our pick up he even told me to buckle up first before he gave me the cake in the car. It’s those little things that catch my attention and the things I remember the most. If you are in the search for a cake supplier for your next party why don’t you give FADGE CAKE a try, she’s very accommodating if you email her and will patiently answer any question you have and believe me I had LOTS of concerns). This is a link to FADGE CAKE FB page.



Photo Credit: Edwin Mendoza


Photo Credit: Edwin Mendoza

My giveaways were specially flown in from Manila which was bought in Divisoria. I’ve always love the appeal of the gum ball machine and I’ve always wanted one in my room ever since I was young. To be able to use it as a party souvenir for my son was absolutely a delight! At first we were thinking of putting a sub par chocolate inside but I figured why give away something I would not eat, so M&M’s and Skittles made its way inside.

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The cupcakes were made by my friend Carina. (Cupcakes by Carina-nice name for a future business venture wink wink) I got lots of praises for her cupcakes and even a couple of mommy friends telling me their picky eater kids loved the cupcake I think for picky eater kiddies to love your cupcakes is the highest form of flattery. I super appreciate Tita Carina’s generous support for this party, she even got Daddy Edwin to cover the party – which I think was out of his comfort zone since he’s a professional photographer and use to high fashion etc shoots not covering children’s parties. I just love this couple very much because although we don’t get to spend time with each other too often, I feel like my kids have a special place in their hearts. And to me friends who love my kids are the special kind.

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Last but certainly not the least, Party Boothcam came to our party to help us with the photo booth. I wanted them at the party so that the adults have something to bring home with them as souvenir. How many times do we get party souvenirs and think, “WTH am I going to do with this?” with the party booth they get pictures of their families that they get to keep, now isn’t that a nice party favor? This is owned and operated by sisters Dinky and Diane. I just love how their bubbly personalities radiate in what they do and show in their faces that people don’t get intimidated by the photo booth. I’ve been to parties where the photo booth people didn’t seem to like their jobs that they don’t even offer a simple smile and this just makes me turn off in the whole experience. But not with these sisters! They even have boxes filled with props for you to try on and they even help you put it on with such speed and accuracy just in time for the next “click“. If you are planning a party soon I HIGHLY recommend you give them a call, I’ve linked their FB page for easy access too.


Photo Credit: Edwin Mendoza

In closing, This party was made out of love. Whether it be the love for my Aden, a love for event styling, a love for baking or a love to attend parties. All of this would not have been possible without any of it and I am truly grateful for all of you who helped me do this. I could not have done this alone. This is one party I will not forget for a long long time.

The Birthday Cake

Party update: I was looking forward to ordering a cake from FADGE CAKES but as I exchanged emails with Mhin, I came to know that we were suppose to pick up our cake from Deira. And living from where we are and the party place it would have been hard for us to pick it up on the day off.

It may seem not a big deal but Deira is a “no go zone” for me. I always get lost and I always lose my bearings when I’m there. AND I can’t afford to be frazzled on that day because I’m sure there will be a million little details that need to be attended on so getting lost in Deira is definitely NOT on the list.

It’s a shame too because she came highly recommended by a friend. If you ever need her services please give her a try. She’s very accommodating when you message her so don’t hesitate even if it is just to inquire.

I’m all for supporting small businesses especially “kabayans” and friends of friends. I have a special place in my heart for housewives trying to make a business out of a hobby. It is because a dear friend of mine is doing the same in Bahrain (I promise to write about her soon) and I’m really proud of her.

And so the hunt continues for my cake supplier. There are a number of cake stores beside my venue which will be easy for me to do the pick up but I’m still hoping to help a housewife or a working mom with a hobby that has blossomed into a small business because I believe they put extra love on the cake and that’s what makes it more delicious.


my peg for Aden’s birthday cake

Give Aways and Decors

I recently (last year) attended a birthday party that the mom of the celebrant really gave such attention to details on the smallest things, mind you all DIY, that I found myself appreciating all of the mom’s effort. ( I will get permission from the mom to grab some photos to share on my blog so you can see what I mean but for the meantime…) I remember feeling so much love was put in the party that I actually appreciated the fact that they made us part of that special occasion.
So, for my dear Aden’s party I would like to put in, if not the same effort at least a little bit more than what I would put into any party I would host.
The theme I chose was a circus theme.


With my only ally in life, my sister Xyn, we immediately started planning our little party. Even if she is back in the Philippines and pregnant! She immediately sprung into action and found for me the perfect give aways in Divisoria.
My next course of action was the venue and decor…I was planning something (i didn’t know what) but when Ate Dinky (the mom of the super attention to detail DIY party) contacted me and told me to get a move on things, I immediately got a kick on the behind and started moving and not just planning in my head. You probably do not know we have the venue booked already and now the next challenge was to decorate it…
My first go-to was my favorite swedish furniture store, IKEA and found that they too have a wide (ok not wide) range of circus things for kids…(as if the God’s were on my side! – DRAMA!)
I found this …I don’t know what to call it…but I got really excited!

Of course, I still have to get the approval of my unofficial party planner/event coordinator, ate Dinx (that told me that crepe paper was soooooo passé) haha
They even have a circus tent, that at first i thought it would be too much but then I realized maybe we can add it to the decor of the place and maybe put some stuffed animals inside that are peaking out??? or the gifts???

What do you think? Will keep you guys updated as we move along…