Adrian, my hero


This trip has proven to me that my first baby is truly growing up. Never did I need him to stand up more than these past two weeks and he definitely did not disappoint. He would help me with my bags, open doors for me and even step up when Aden is acting up. He really truly is wise beyond his years. Never have I been truly proud and thankful.


@Dubai Airport

Just today an elderly woman came up to us while we were having lunch and told me how well behave my children were. I was so proud! But I really can’t take all the credit Arnie’s genes must be kicking in! haha BTW, I love this foreign concept of complimenting strangers – it almost never happens in my culture.

I have a major challenge coming up after the weekend, we’d be traveling alone without Arnie and I’m  really dreading this but with Adrian showing so much signs of maturity, I’m sure we’d be fine. But just in case, say a little prayer for us too.


@St. Pancras International