Got excited for nothing…

We have been talking about getting a bigger car for when the baby comes. Naturally, I got overly excited about this because that means that i will get to drive it since my husband has no plans of getting rid of his other car. The car that we chose, that we felt was value for money and has all the needs of our growing family is the PAJERO SPORT.
So with high hopes and an excited pregnant lady in tow my husband brought us to the car dealership. When we got there they said that they stopped production of this type of vehicle since there was no demand for it here in the Middle East. Not willing to go home empty handed I suggested we check the PAJERO, it was lovely and all but really way above our budget. The husband thinks its not wise to spend lots of money on a car because it depreciates in value over time. Which I’m sure he is right but I just really wanted my own car so I can start driving around and going places, doing errands and start feeling like a real soccer mom or a desperate housewife! haha
So with a long frown on my face we went home with my husband promising that we will just buy a second hand Pajero or a Toyota Fortuner.

I can’t wait!!!!


Reward for good behavior? please!!!!!

Now that I’m into blogging, I have this feeling inside me that I want my own laptop. We have one at home which I can use during the day when my husband is away at work. But when he comes home or during the weekends he gets priority over it. We have an old one which I tried to resuscitate last night but to no avail, it was “useless” my husband’s words not mine.
So I’m hoping that if I’m a really good wife he’d reward me for good behavior and what type of laptop am i eyeing on?

ahhhhh…to dream!

It’s like wining the LOTTO

We got THE email…My little boy passed his interview and is offered a spot in Regent International School! I’m sure there will be more moments like this. But the first time just feels special!

Nail Biting moment

Our 2 year old had a school interview today at Regent International School which made me and the DH very nervous. Firstly, I wasn’t sure if my son will cooperate with the interviewers or answer them properly so that they can understand him. You see this is is not our first rodeo, he has gone to an interview before at The Winchester School but that’s why this interview scared me because at Winchester, he was not responding very well to the interviewer that they even asked me if someone has suggested to me that he needs speech therapy or special attention needs not really what one mother would like to hear.
They called the students to a classroom by batches and observed them playing and communicating with the teachers. Thankfully, mine was so used to having British teachers that he felt right at home communicating with them. All the parents were waiting outside the classroom trying to take a peek inside to see how their child was doing and I could hear my Adrian showing of his knowledge of colors and vehicles shouting at the top of his lungs “SCHOOL BUS!, YELLOW!”
It was a proud moment for me!

it’s getting easier

after last week when the teacher told us that he only cried for 5 mins when i left. i feel a little bit better leaving him, even if he still cries…thank you Lord…

mummie nix

reason for school

My dear Boy,

if only i can explain to you and you would understand why you are going thru what you are going thru right now. everybody goes to school honie and nobody brings their mommies with them…

i hear you crying and it breaks my heart, it makes me want to run back to your classroom and get you and hold you in my arms ang just hug you and tell you i will never leave your side. but i have to be strong, just as much as you too have to be brave.

i hope that this experience will not scar you for life…

i love you honie always remember that
mummie nix


it’s been months since i wrote about my son Adrian, he has been speaking non stop now! reciting his ABC’s and 123’s and pointing out different objects and telling me what they are…i guess with stranger’s ears it’s a litle bit hard to understand but a mother always knows what her little one means, no need for words.

mummie nix