My DIY morning

20140520-151319-54799817.jpgThis morning I was thinking of a way to transform this old Ikea bookshelf into something other than what it was meant for. I believe it’s called an Ikea Hack.

If you have kids then you know that having an open bookshelf with books and all sorts of expensive trinkets on display is definitely a recipe for disaster. That’s why in our house there is no expensive trinkets on display. Everything that’s valuable or has sentimental value are on display 6ft. above the floor or are inside cabinets and shelves, if possible with locks, but this doesn’t guarantee they won’t get their small hands on it.

So you see this book shelf has no use for me anymore. I did at one point lay it on its side and placed it behind the sofa. But the boys, with their wild imagination use it as a diving board to jump from and land on the sofa (oh the horror!).

And then I had a lightbulb moment this morning I decided to put it by the dining table and use it as a buffet table. With our family coming in 4 more sleeps (as my son would say) it will be perfect in that space to hold, drinks, snacks, desserts, the possibilities are endless.

But the birch wood finish did not match my other furniture so I searched for some old fabric and some thumbtacks to have that upholstered studs look like in the picture below.


This is my end result. If I had more thumbtacks I would definitely put them side by side but I only had a few left and I didn’t want to spend on this project, This would have to do.


Of course I had to practice some table decorating (skills)…but did not leave it there for long, if you can see someone was very busy like mommy


Oh and because it still is a bookshelf even when it’s laying on it’s side I kept the back part open and used it to hold some papers that the kids will never get their hands into.



a DIY Wedding


click image to enlarge

Oooops! She did it again!

My friend Dinky C. who helped me style Aden’s party did it again! She used her magic and made a simple budget wedding look stylish with her DIY event styling. It really takes a good eye and talent to do what she does because although these DIY projects are available online and “anyone can do it” to put them together and make it look good is another level on it’s own, NOT everyone can do what she does. Check out these photos from her cousin’s wedding at the Metropolitan Hotel last weekend.


Ate Dinx risking breaking her leg to get the event looking just right


the stage where the presidential table will be set




more dramatic effect with candles


attention to detail


The main entrance adorned with paper flowers


more paper flowers on the guest’s chairs (take note: EACH chair gets their own!)


the table set up


The centerpiece made with twigs and more paper flowers with hanging beads and candles


The Wish Tree: where guests leave their well wishes and advice for the bride and groom by hanging them on the ribbons hanging from the branches of the tree.


view of the ballroom from the stage


I really love the effect that these POMPOMS give


ballroom picture during the event, the dim lighting gives the place a cozy feel

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Bela’s 2two party

Event Styling by Dinky C.

*all pictures were stolen(with permission) from Dinky C.’s FB page. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Bella’s 2two party

Sweet little girl Isabella is the daughter of my friend Ate Dinky (my unofficial event party designer). She is the luckiest little girl I know because her mom is as excited as her when it comes to her birthday parties. I even think her mom already has plans for her future birthdays too!
On her 2nd birthday, last 23 November 2012 we celebrated it at  Zabeel Park. The theme of the party was a “2two party” (See the play of words?) Girls were asked to wear a tutu and boys were to wear bow ties. I secretly wished I had a baby girl to dress up in a tutu, but looking for and seeing the boys wearing bow ties made me a happy mommy too.
Our little family with Tita Doris
i love this table setting
Cake toppers
Ate Dinx and her supportive team did all the decors themselves. I really love the attention to detail they’ve put into everything.
a closer look at the beautiful table
Carrot Cake with Walnuts
The Cake was made by Fadge Cake which of course looked and tasted really good!!! Check out their FB page (link) if you are interested to order.
handmade invitations made by Ate Dinx (of course)

At the end of the day, We were tired from all the activities but there was a certain kind of high that I felt leaving the party, the kind that made me want to keep talking about it because there was sooo much love and effort put into everything. Now isn’t that the best way to leave a party?

P.S. Now you understand why I’m excited that Ate Dinx is helping me with Aden’s party.IMG_3519 IMG_1788