Planning is everything


mass of people by the entrance as we were on our way out

I don’t know what was in the water yesterday but it seemed that everybody was possessed to go to Dubai Mall. The place is known as one of the world’s biggest shopping mall and it felt like the whole world was there yesterday (I exaggerate – for drama effect). As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a long queue leading to the parking lot, if they are known for being one of the world’s biggest shopping mall their parking is a whole new dimension, you can get lost inside it for days! (i exaggerate again). We have our own favorite parking area and that always seems to have a lot available for us and this trip was no different as we turned the corner – viola! a parking spot only for us (I secretly smiled and thanked my shopping gods).

Keeping in mind that plans can/may not go as you expect them to be I made sure my plan for this trip was going to be executed to the tee. My first call to action was to feed the boys (including Arnie) Adrian wanted Mcdonalds and I wasn’t going to argue just so he doesn’t get wound up and start phase one of his tantrum cycle (which seems to be happening alot lately). The fast food was packed with people, loosing hope and ready to turn in the towel – viola! a table for us. After dinner, we proceeded to what we were suppose to do…shop for school stuff that Adrian needs for September.

I know it’s only mid August but if you know me well and some of you do, I like to plan things ahead and I do mean AHEAD! I live on schedules and I like them being executed as planned – Arnie is so different from me that I think one reason we were put together was because he needed some structure and I needed to be more relax. But even with his relaxed influence I’m still a slave to my schedules so much that even my vacation was scheduled – how many days to spend on my husband’s side, how many days on my side, when to see my friends, when to see his friends…I was so concentrated on my schedules that my husband had to remind me that we were on vacation.

Moving on, it was a good thing we shopped today because as we went ahead to buy Adrian’s shoes and bags I was spoilt of choices and sizes to choose from. A little history: Last year we came back from vacation the weekend before school started and so I had a day to buy everything and it seemed that everybody was doing the same, so instead of choosing from different styles, I was asking/begging for any black and white shoes available in Adrian’s size. As for the school bag, the one bag I had my eye on for Adrian since he was in my tummy (that’s how far ahead I plan – kidding! half-meant hehe) was OUT OF STOCK! Imagine how devastated I was – I know drama right?! please spare me this joy I am but a lonely housewife – more drama!


Happy ending, I got everything I intended to amidst all the trials of Aden being too clingy (what’s new), maneuvering through all the foot traffic from the mall, Adrian (that’s all i’m gonna say-yes! aside from my plan to feed him to keep him happy – he wasn’t – c’est la vie!). His stuff is almost complete, just need to buy his uniforms from school and I still need to get him a water bottle, hopefully I get to that by this week.


Hanging out with Reese!
This picture is for my cousin Jamie, who loves Reese’s to pieces! hehe

Lesson of the day folks: It’s good to plan! Granted not so far ahead as I do (might see someone for that-psychiatrist maybe?) but plan it nevertheless.


#fotd Mexican Pizza from Barry’s Bench
If some bloggers have #ootd (outfit of the day) I will start my #fotd (food of the day) hehe What can I say? I love food and I can’t help it! No judgement please!!!


The Pink Pepper experience


Pink Pepper is a photo studio at Dubai Mall that I absolutely admire. Their services aren’t cheap either but I guess some people would pay big money to have great photos of your children. I would too, if I had the money to spare. So imagine my delight when they gave out vouchers in our Boogie Babies class at Favourite Things for a free photo shoot session in honor of mother’s day (21 March UAE). Of course being the sucker for free stuff, I immediately booked a session for my two sons after getting the vouchers.

I was told that it was only going to be a 10 minute photo shoot, believe me 10 mins was plenty enough for my boys, my little one was getting anxious with strangers calling his attention and taking pictures of him and my older son, Adrian was absolutely loving the attention but was getting a bit rowdy at the studio that I just wanted to take him out of there before we break anything valuable in there. At the end I think we got one nice one of the two of them. They will call back after a week to show me the photos…I can’t wait.


the studio


the viewing room

Thank you Pink Pepper Photography for this experience you truly made my Mother’s day a special one.