a special milestone

One of the benefits of being a SAHM is that I get to spend every moment of my life with my kids.  That for every special milestone in their sweet little lives I was/am there to witness it and share it with them.


Today was no different, my Aden said his first words. He’s been playing with his BAAAs and DAAAs all week and this morning while trying to put him down for his morning nap Arnie was teaching him “DAD-DY” and he repeated it like he was a pro at speaking. It was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard but I think more than hearing Aden speak what’s more special to me was Arnie’s reaction. It was indescribable and priceless, I hope I never get Alzheimer’s because I never want to erase it from my memory. I think because he doesn’t spend that much time with them sharing that moment with Aden made it all the more special.