What we did last summer

Because summer in the MidEast means it’s too HOT to play outside (may not even be safe in some cases) we’ve kept ourselves busy by visiting different play areas around our area. And because if I wrote about every place we went to, my blog would look like a catalogue on play areas about Dubai. So I’ve decided to put all our visits into one post.

Keeping my growing hyperactive boys entertained is a big task. Adrian jumps on the bed and stands on tables and the little one is more than happy to follow suit.  When it gets too much to handle, I just simply pack up the boys and take them somewhere they can expire their fully energized bodies.

These are some of the places that helped me survive the summer:

1. Fun Corner @ Spinneys Centre

Umm Suqeim / Al Wasl Road
T: 04-3940315

This is Adrian’s favorite of them all because of the BIG slide. Whenever I’d tell him that we were gonna go to a play area he’d always ask if there was a BIG SLIDE (referring to this place). This is a nice place for a party, the equipment does look a bit old but I imagine to a child it doesn’t matter. Best part about this place for me is the Starbucks just beside the play area where I can get a cup of  coffee while watching the kids play!








2. Småland @Ikea Festival City:

This is free to any shoppers of IKEA but during the weekend there can be a line so make sure you be there early. There is not much to see or do in this area, my son was so bored he asked them to call me to pick him up after 15 mins! But I think he was just used to other play areas where he has a lot of things to do, here because it’s just a small area there are limited things he can do. #spoiledmuch

3. Peek a Boo @Mall of The Emirates

2nd Floor Magic Planet
Tel/Fax: 04 3470622
Open 10am-9pm 7 days a week

I used to bring Adrian here all the time when he was younger. Mainly because they have a different activities for the child every 30 mins, they have nursery rhymes (which was my favorite), cooking, baking, arts and crafts and so on. This time around with Aden I felt like the quality has somewhat reduced a little. The singing of the nursery rhymes felt like it was rushed and the staff was not as in to it as they were 2-3 years ago. Which was a shame because the main reason I kept bringing Adrian to their place was because the staff seemed to enjoy their jobs and it reflected to their singing. Now not so much, I wonder what happened?


4. FUN CITY @ Ibn Battuta

Tunisia Court, Jebel Ali Village
Tel: +971 4 3669819
Email: Ibnbattuta@funcity.ae

During the start of the Holy month of Ramdan, I wasn’t sure if play areas were open so to be sure I brought the boys to Ibn Battuta, which was a mall very near our place if it was close it would be easy to go home. I’ve been here on a weekend and I must say it was nice and relaxing being here on a weekday, I wasn’t nervous watching both boys play because there were only a handful of kids in the play area. And because there weren’t that many kids they each had a place of their own without them fighting over one spot.

*on Mondays rides are only 1DHS




5. Fun Square

Times Square Center
Sheikh Zayed Road, At 3/4th Interchange
Tel: +971 4 341 8020
Fax: +971 4 341 8086

I like this place a lot, it’s big , spacious and has lots of light. I would imagine it would look nice for a party. They did say you can hire the entire place if you wanted to have a party exclusively for your guests (Mental note for next birthday planning venues).  Plus Times Square Center is not a very busy mall so it’s easy to go with the kids. Plus, plus there’s always parking available.

IMG_2489 IMG_2491 IMG_2492 IMG_2493 IMG_2503