Wake up call

Last night, Adrian woke up crying but because he was sleeping with Arnie, I didn’t bother to see what was wrong. Later he crawled into my bed and hugged me really tight. Even if the bed was not big enough for the three of us I let him sleep in our bed.

Pre-Aden age

After he fell asleep in my arms it got me thinking, is it possible with Aden around, he feels neglected by me? in a way so obscure to him that when he sleeps he wakes up crying for me?

Dramatic I know, but when you think about it, I’m juggling a baby, a toddler, the house and a husband (plus a blog) I’m afraid to say it but something’s gotta give.

I pray to God this is not true and is only a product of my over dramatic brain. I did make the extra effort today to make kuya feel extra special. After school, I asked him where he would like to eat and of course my boy shouts out “Mc Donalds!” even if I had lunch prepared at home I gave in. We even abandoned normal rules of eating on the table and sat on the living room floor for a “picnic”. I also tried not to be to rigorous with my rules to lighten up the mood and it seemed to work. I have to remind myself sometimes that the boys (including Arnie) always come first. The laundry, dishes, ironing, cleaning will get done – somehow!


indoor picnic