My NOT so glamorous life

Being a full time mom can be glamorous, I have my own time in, I can come and go as I please, I get to play with my kids all day, I have brunch at quaint coffee shops, I have a flexible budget that enables me to buy a new dress sometimes (thanks to my generous hubby!), and I get to start a blog when the kids are napping (wink wink).

But chores like laundry, cleaning, and ironing have to be done or else the house falls apart, the kids need constant attention or else they may start to eat paper and other small things lying around, food have to be prepared or else everybody starves (which leads to more crying). Not to mention, I’m still breastfeeding my 8 month old baby so I’m basically a milk cow who is in demand 24 hours of the day. Glamorous isn’t it?

With the good and the bad side of being a SAHM I can’t imagine doing anything else but sometimes my emotions gets the best of me and makes me feel like I should be doing more with my life. Especially when I’m covered from my neck to my knees in vomit (which is when I conceptualized this post).

I envy the working moms who seem like they can do it all raising a family and having a career all at the same time. But as I write this post and my son comes to me and asks for a piece of banana I don’t want to be anywhere else. I guess what I’m saying is I just have to live my life and be the best at what I do.  Be it a glamorous one or not.

Live your life the way that you want to live it, don’t let other people live it for you… 



Sharjah Desert Park

What I originally wanted to write about on 18 February 2013 was our trip to the Farm last weekend but got side tracked when I did some research about my #sigelang slogan. (I must have undiagnosed ADD or some form of it…)

anyway, here is what it was suppose to be about

We brought the boys to a Farm in Sharjah inside the Sharjah Desert Park last weekend. For those of you afraid to drive to Sharjah (like we were) there is an alternative route to get to the farm without passing through the city. If anybody is from Sharjah I’m truly sorry but traffic in your area tends to be THE topic of conversation whenever the Emirate comes up. Anyway, it was about a 45 minute straight drive from where we lived passing through the E611(Dubai by-pass road) and then E88 (Al Daid road).

We came early, just as it has opened so it wasn’t crowded. A nice change from all the mall in Dubai.

The area itself is divided into 3 the Children’s Farm, Arabia’s Wildlife Centre, and Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden. The Wildlife Centre and the National Museum are both indoors so after walking around and seeing all the animals you don’t end up sticky and sweaty like when you go to the actual zoo. Arnie and I agree that this place is great to visit even in the summer when it’s really hot outside and we’re craving for some kind of outdoor activity.

The Children’s farm was great! Adrian loved every minute of it! He said “Hi!” to all the animals and fed them hay which was provided for and free! We think that the animals are so used to humans that when you approach their enclosure they even go up to where you are…so close that you can touch them and of course feed them. This alone got my vote as one of the top places to take your child in the UAE.

Hi Horse!

Hi scary Donkey!

feeding the goats

The Wildlife Centre did not allow any cameras inside so this is the only picture we have of it…but imagine seeing the animals in their natural habitat behind glass and you are in a AC building now isn’t that just great?

The Botanical Gardens were also ineresting since they mixed it up with science projects that you can play with and learn something. So, I think bringing the kids back here again when they’re a bit older will be great because they will be able to pick up something else.

All in all I think it’s a gem! In this country where malls are abound there are places like this that enables you to go outdoors (my definition) and bond with your family…

2 thumbs up from this happy mommy!

Check out the website to learn more

Cloning Mommy

A few hours after this picture was taken, tears replaced these smiles…tears for mommy!! Both boys wanted mommy to be by their side to soothe them to sleep. This led me into thinking, “What if it was possible to clone mommy” What would mommy A and mommy B do?

Here were my thoughts:
Mommy A would be responsible for:
  • preparing the meals, washing the dishes
  • doing laundry
  • ironing
  • cleaning the house
  • make up beds
  • putting the toys back after their use
and mommy B would:
  • wake up and prepare the kids for school
  • have breakfast with the kids
  • take them to school
  • pick them up from school
  • play with them
  • nap with them
  • be silly with them
  • and sleep with them
If you notice my list one mommy clone does all the chores and one mommy clone spends all the time with the kids, I guess in my subconscious I wouldn’t want to delegate to anyone time with my kids even if it was a clone of myself. I would still prefer to do all these things than sacrifice precious moments with my little ones.