Birthday with a SPLASH!


For Aden’s birthday, we decided to do something special and went on a field trip to Ras Al Khaimah. Ok! To be honest we had coupons for Iceland Water Park that we were suppose to use the weekend before but was not able to. And because his party is not until saturday I felt it would be nice to do something ON the day itself so I asked Arnie if it was possible for him to take a leave from work and for Adrian to skip school on a Thursday. He agreed to this and I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t like Adrian to think that it was ok to ditch school and go to a water park so I didn’t make such a big deal that he was skipping school. Honestly I don’t think he noticed but you know kids can remember everything so I didn’t want to risk him remembering being absent from school because we went to a water park. #spoiledmuch


Weekday on a water park seemed sad, there were no cues, no people to bump into, no kids to tell off to stop jumping on the slides etc etc…I know! I know! If I went on a weekend you’d hear me complaining on and on of the cues and the people. There’s just no way to please me haha. Because it was the beginnings of summer and with a baby to think about we decided to rent a cabana. It was an extra cost but I have to say it was worth it. We had our own room with AC, free towels and free drinks cooling in the fridge plus you can have food delivered to your cabana at no extra cost. Now that I’ve experienced this “treat” I can’t imagine going to a water park not renting one anymore. #At the end of the day as long as the boys enjoyed themselves we have done our jobs right as parents. The birthday boy was happy crawling on the toddler pool and Adrian went on the water slide again and again and again (positive note of going on a weekday)


IMG_1868 IMG_2704IMG_2703IMG_1887IMG_1880

Note to self: next time buy a waterproof camera (I was so scared that I’d drop my phone on the water!)


Sharjah Aquarium

Our long weekend is almost to an end, in the beginning, there was a promise of water slides and kiddie pools but because of certain circumstances we had to postpone for another day.Much to the dismay of my oldest child, Adrian.

He is now at the age where he understands everything and nothing at the same time. What do I mean? Well, he understands the part where we will go swimming etc etc but when plans change and he cannot go swimming – it seems that he suddenly CANNOT understand any English! That’s the reason I hate breaking plans with him because one it takes forever to calm him down and two it breaks my heart when he seems so hurt that I promised something and did not follow through.

Good thing daddy Arnie had a contingency plan and that was to visit the Sharjah Aquarium. Since we had our boys, Arnie has been on the look out to visit kid friendly places we would never have thought of going to sans children.

Introducing the Sharjah Aquarium, from the start it was much better than the Manila Ocean Park (which was a FAIL in my book, I’d rather not write about it). Since it was a holiday there was no traffic going to Sharjah. With the help of our google maps we found the place effortlessly (who needs GARMIN, haha)

Adrian was over the moon happy going around seeing the different “fishes” (as he liked to call them) from different parts of the UAE. Which was a plus in my book because not only do the kids get to see and learn about different species they also learn where it can be found in the UAE. Even my Aden was showing signs of excitement not complaining about sitting on his stroller and pointing and shouting at the top of his voice. Which was the sweetest sound I have ever heard.

A ticket to the Aquarium also lets you enter the neighboring Maritime museum so it was like you paid for 2 attractions for the price of one (++). The Maritime Museum showcased the old boats that the UAE people used to use for diving pearls and much more. Both museums were fully air conditioned (on high I have to add) which was a truly appreciated because of the raising temperatures outside.

Enjoy our Al Isra’a Wal Miraj photos:




i love this part! The floor was transparent so you can see the aquarium from above.


the cafeteria


my sweet sweet first born


the souvenir shop


too hot outside





Lascal Buggy Board

20130601-135112.jpgI’ve been on the hunt for this elusive buggy board for months now. Imagine my delight when I found out that they had this available at Goodbaby. Now,what you have to understand that because Aden is my second son I have not been to any baby store for about 4 years now (same age as my Adrian). So the Goodbaby shop that I know was in Karama has been close for about a year now according to their store in Abu Hail. Anyway, I was happy to get my Lascal last weekend.


What is Lascal, you ask? Well, having two kids now it’s hard to tow them around, especially when the little one is getting too heavy to carry and the bigger one getting too rowdy. The solution, a buggy board! It’s an attachment to your stroller that’s like a skateboard where your older child can stand on and viola! when you walk around you have the little one sitting on the stroller and the bigger one on the board! Genius!

I love products that help mothers like me transport my kids easier.

‘Cuz ain’t nothin gonna stop this momma from roamin’ around (sorry got a little ghetto there for awhile!) hehe

I’ve included a link to the LASCAL website for you to learn more about it.


To buy in Dubai Goodbaby contact info:

United Arab of Emirates
Telephone: +9714-2665950
Fax: +9714-2694004
Mobile Phone Number: +97150-7151777

View our Location in Google Map


Summer is finally upon us fellow Dubaians and you know what that means? No more trips to the beach or picnics at the park. It’s time to run to the malls to get some relief from the heat.

For a mom of two boys this means kids don’t get to play outside anymore. This is where FUN CITY comes to the rescue! Fun City is an indoor play area that enables our kids here in Dubai to still enjoy their play time without burning themselves in the summer heat.

Last weekend I brought my small one to their branch in Ibn Battuta. Because he’s 11 months old we could go to their Fun n’ Learn. I like this area because everything is matted and the toys available are perfect for kids from 0-4 yrs old. It’s also nice to see that the attendant seems to be adamant at cleaning around to keep the place sanitized.

I let my littlest spidey free and I could tell he was enjoying every minute. Although I always say that Aden and I are inseparable during the week, we alwasy have something “important” to do – chores mostly and school run. So to spend this friday morning with only him felt like a special one on one time with mommy.

I’m anticipating more play areas in our future…especially when Adrian is off from school and rest assured I will be sharing them with you.





Children’s City Dubai

Last weekend we visited the Children’s City at the Creek Park in Dubai. It is NOT a new children’s attraction in Dubai, it’s actually been here for quite a while but since we never had kids before there was simply no reason to visit. With the boys full of energy all the time we are constantly looking for places to go to keep them entertained, especially Adrian.

For a very least charge of 15 aed ($4.08) for adults and 10 aed ($2.72)per child I feel like this place has so much more value for the money. Adrian was so amazed at everything it was infectious! I found myself being as giddy and excited as my 4-year-old was. Every new exhibit Adrian would say…

Look! What’s that mommy, what’s that?!”

just made me love the place even more. I was excited to see everything at once I didn’t have the chance to explain to Adrian each project which made me plan a trip back there during the summer when school is out and we could spend the day there exploring each display!

I love explaining things how things work to Adrian now because he absorbs everything quickly and can apply it when the situation arises. (What can I say? I’m the mom! of course I would think my son is a genius!)

Needless to say we enjoyed our weekend at the park and is definitely a two thumbs up from me.


Learning about the flow of electricity


making bubbles the hard way.


boys enjoying the display


a bouncy “jungle”(?) for the younger kids


riding a mechanical horse and learning about them at the same time – genius!


my personal fave! a BIG PC and Adrian sitting on the mouse! It really works! you can play a game of memory by controlling the mouse.


love this – fooled the boys with the ON switch for the air was on the floor so the kids thought I made the ball float on my own (some magician acting done by mom) = boys amazed look! wink wink


library for the kids who love to read!


aerial view of the cultural display


MALIK burger (Arnie’s fave next to Tropical Hut! hehe)