Mommy Problems

I thought I’d join the bandwagon and write something about #problems there are so many out there now, there are #sosyproblems #donyaproblems #collegeproblems #singlegirlproblems and many more feel free to check on twitter on any of these hashtags, some are a good read and sometimes relatable.

When I was single and child free my daily problems were mostly about my weight, my looks, where to go, how to spend my weekend, which shoes or bags to buy, and when to meet up with friends just to name a few.

But now that I am a mom, I still have issues about my weight but it seems that my problems have taken a back seat to my children’s needs – Mommy problems.

Here I am at 1:03am not being able to sleep because I’m constantly worrying about my children. One more than the other this particular evening (or morning) for my son Adrian is sick. It started this afternoon after school and although he’s been sleeping well (thanks to ADOL) I on the other hand have not…Being the light sleeper that I am, I jump with just a small sound of discomfort and immediately check what’s wrong with him. This resulting to him waking up and causing great discomfort to my husband because I keep asking him to feel Adrian’s forehead and tell me if he thinks he’s going into a convulsion, the latter resulting from my over active imagination and many visits to WEB MD.

But these quiet early morning shifts leads me to reflect on my life and discover how much I’ve changed in just about 4 years. Me problems seem irrelevant now and mommy problems are my main focus.

From breakfast to baths, to school runs, to snack, to play school, to lunch, to reading, to writing, to keeping them warm, to keeping them cool, to keeping them happy, to story telling, up until bedtime these are the “problems” I meet. No one put a gun to my head and told me to do this but to be honest with you I would choose these problems over any problems any day.