Magic Planet Bowling Party

The boys have been crazy about bowling lately. But sad to say it’s not with 4 kilo balls and hardwood floors but more with app games on the iPad haha. I know we should discourage the iPad and promote physical activities but I’m so scared that they might drop the ball on their foot that I’ve delayed taking them to the bowling alley…until now. Last friday, we were invited to a bowling party at Magic Planet by one of Adrian’s classmates and as expected my boy loved it!



Resting after his game and eating cherries with the celebrant

As we were playing our game, I’ve noticed that Adrian would do his turn and wait for others to finish, he also would congratulate other players if they knocked down a lot of pins and even gets more excited for them when they chance upon a strike. This was about the same time I realised that playing this sport could potentially teach my son some patience and a little bit of humility. We will surely be back to play more but maybe wait a little bit until the little one can carry his own ball.


The party place ready for some round of musical chairs.

The party continued on to the party room after everybody played a round of bowling and the usual party games were enjoyed. Food was served after the games which was chicken from KFC and pizza from Pizza Hut. For the adults they’ve set up a small buffet of coffee, fruits and cheese sandwiches. The birthday cake was a chocolate ice cream cake from Marble slab which even made me a little excited – fortunately we were all given a slice.

After the food they gave out party favours which take note DID NOT contain any candy, something that I greatly appreciated and with it came a magic planet card that the kids could use on the rides.

The party place may get fully booked especially on a friday so back to back parties are expected. But with the free card for rides your guests will surely can’t wait to get out of the room after the food. Something which was nice because as a guest I didn’t feel like we were rushed to go out of the room because they had to clean for the next party. But the staff was really efficient and a party started about 40 mins. after we left.


after the party Aden joined us to enjoy the free rides

With these kinds of parties I’m always conscious that Adrian is the only invited one and Aden should not participate (very different dynamic with the Filipino crowd) but because this was more of a big boy party the activities were not suitable for him, so him and Arnie left us for about 2 hours that enabled Adrian and myself to enjoy ourselves with the other kids and parents.


the compulsory class picture before blowing the candles


Adrian and his passé eating and laughing like big boys