Weekend at the Park

What I love about the transition of the weather from winter to summer is that it is the perfect weather for a day at the park. This particular weekend, we spent two consecutive days at the park. My husband and I are not “avid” park goers we don’t understand how can some couples just sit there and do nothing but stare at each other. Maybe we’ve just been together for so long that spending time with each other with no laptops, Ipads or Iphones just scares us to death. Is that so sad? haha well it works for us so we must be doing something right.
Our first park was the Safa Park it’s a very big park so you’re sure that everybody has their own space and you won’t feel cramped. We brought my son’s tricycle so he went crazy riding his tricycle around the park.
The next day we met up with some friends at Al Barsha Park, they also have a two year old so it was like a play date with mommy’s bonding session on the side, while the dads watch the kids roam the park. They have a bike lane and runner’s lane that is padded and they also have two playgrounds which is divided among big kids and smaller ones which I appreciated because at least I know that my kid is not being bullied by bigger ones in the play area. The park is free for everyone but is not crowded at all. It is situated around a man made lake which makes it a refreshing place to just sit and talk amongst friends.
I wish I can say that we shall be going to the park every weekend from now on but I guess we are creatures of habit, and our habit is to stay home or go to the malls.