Bu Faisal General Trading L.L.C.


Aside from our Tagalog movie marathon and non stop eating in Ajman last friday the women of Ajman brought us Dubai girls to a “secret” place in Ajman that sells used furniture. Bu Faisal is not really a secret, I’m sure the super super thrifty have heard of this place in Ajman to buy used furniture. I’ve heard of it because we have friends who live there, one even had her two bedroom flat fully furnished by Bu Faisal. I was happy to be able to go sans naughty boys special thanks to Kuya V, Ate C and Ate M for watching over my boys while mommy was away shopping hehe .

WARNING: not a place for kids, there were broken glass everywhere and the stairs were not so sturdy so BEWARE.

Imagine a warehouse full of a variety of used items for sale. It was like a candy store to DIY(ers).  I wish I could start a project but space and resources are all not to my advantage. There is a couple of wing chairs I had my eye on that simply needed a upholstery and it would have been a fabulous (naks!) I do have to give kudos to the men who run the place because it was well sorted out. There was a place for electronics, furniture, appliances, clothes etc etc. Ikea furniture was all over the place (but don’t tell my husband or else he will never let me buy anything from the Sweden store ever again!!! – my life will be over – drama!!!).

I’m currently obsessing on dinnerware so that was my section of interest. I was overwhelmed with my choices and as always couldn’t decide and didn’t get much. I did see some nice wine glasses but I could just imagine my boys breaking them and me ending in tears so – never mind. a friend;y advice you do need to get your hands dirty and dig in there my friend got some Corelle plates as a set hiding somewhere under all the dishes – she was very lucky and very happy because they only priced her items at 20 aed.  As for me, I just bought a CorningWare serving dish and a glass candy bowl from Poland, that I just thought was nice meh meh!

I am excited though to be invited again to Mr. and Mrs. M’s place because maybe the girls and I can sneak out again and visit my new best friend Bu. 😉








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